Snapshots from Boggo (Bogga) Road Open Day 1992 (extracts)

Traffic heavy

Arms big & stiff as telegraph poles
semaphore menace...
protective custody today as
Her Majesty’s corrective serviceman
controls the storming traffic on this
downcast Brisbane Day...



Meet Dave and Joe, your hosts;
Government name tags permit a
painless meeting space but
blue uniform, sunglasses, beerguts
badge them simply: Screws.


Tourist traps

Bogga’s black spirit
hunches at bay like the
giant German Shepherds
leashed in the exercise yard –
bares broken teeth
“Stroke me if you dare”, it says.
The crowd holds breath,


The Big Bogga

They tried: God knows they tried
to sanitise this dead shit hole:
“I did time at Bogga Road.
Open Day 1992”
Jet-black t-shirts boast.

But even bad taste Queensland
has beat itself this time.
Big Bogga’s a strictly one-off shot:
guard dogs, a black hole
some screws and visiting ex-crims
do not an Expo make!

Other stanza titles: Ex Crims; Dead Concrete; Black Hole; Art Show; Mental Muscles; Inducation Centre; Released; Black Rage

Copyright © Paul Dobbyn Poetry