mt warning at two years

Two years from
Mt Warning
jagged shape
always borning
growing hard in the space
where my children once ran.

feeling jagged, raw edges
like tongue on cracked tooth;
feeling just one big mug
staring at your cold plug...

all those years spent extolling
your grace poised on high
floating bedroom’s laced curtains –
taking up the whole sky.

two years from
Mt Warning -
tears fall
without warning,
mist –softening
harsh yet familiar
old shape.

two years from
Mt Warning
to this kind of dawning,
wide country sprawl
creates a fresh call;

Ha – your peak’s been eclipsed
by far generous tips...

Yes you’ve climbed me,
you’ve climbed me
for twenty long years
now you’ll float on
without me-

Mt Warning,
you bitch,
we’re through.

Copyright © Paul Dobbyn Poetry